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Welcome to the website of Manchester‐based flamenco guitarist and teacher Nick Wilkinson. Having studied flamenco guitar at Rotterdams Conservatorium, during the 1990s, under the guidance of one of the the world's finest players Paco Peña, I now present to you with the opportunity to follow a similar course of development with the assistance of online lessons using Zoom. Here at 123flamenco.com you will find a variety of flamenco courses available. Course descriptions can be found in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Future courses may appeal to a wide range of people, including dance students and aficionados keen to expand their knowledge of flamenco. Please check back every now and then to see when new courses become available. I am also available for workshops, performances and private lessons. For all enquiries email: nick@123flamenco.com

Primera Soleá (Study Piece) by Nick Wilkinson

Some parts of this soleares were written in the style of 'Niño Ricardo'. Basic techniques are combined, alongside standard compás variations, to provide an example of how to structure your own soleares. You will learn how to do this on the foundation course. In writing this piece, it was also my intention to illustrate typical melodic phrasing and commonly recurring themes used in flamenco.

<<A very good teacher who explains things so even I can understand. :‑) Great thumb work!!>> Dan Potts

<<I can't praise Nick highly enough. He is a skilled, knowledgeable teacher, mentor and an asset to the promotion of this fantastic art form.>> Lawrence Saddoo

<<When I first met Nick, I had no idea that years later I would be accompanying dancers in a theatre with music that we had arranged together.>> David Pleydell

<<A patient and supportive teacher, able to inspire the novice and more advanced players to achieve a truly authentic flamenco sound.>> John Culkin

<<Thank you for teaching me the fundamentals of flamenco. Great lessons, real duende!>> Sebastian Karstad

<<Nick is an excellent teacher with a deep grounding in flamenco and a clear and supportive teaching method.>> Sarah Skelding

<<Nick quickly sorted out my guitar technique so I could get the flamenco sound! I will be will always be grateful to him for this!>> Tim Firth

<<I tried for a long time to find a quality flamenco teacher and struck gold when I came across Nick. Through Nick I had the opportunity to learn how to accompany dancers and play solos.>> Sean Munster.

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